Easy Weight Loss Paleo Chicken Salad

Ok you guys know that I have been on the paleo diet for almost a year now! Here’s I’m sharing one of my favorite salads that I make that is delicious, healthy and …

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12 thoughts on “Easy Weight Loss Paleo Chicken Salad

  1. Hey you look real good but I want to know about the 28 day diet ok tyyl I just found your channel and it's so informative ty

  2. Did you go buy a Paleo cookbook for your weight loss? I just want to eat paleo just for healthy eating.

  3. I have been using weightloss green store tea for a couple of weeks. So far so good it seems to be helping. Have noticed a few pounds lost since started taking the tea. will continue to use till they are all gone and hope to see more pounds shed .

  4. Paleo diet is actually an advanced way to get nutrition in our body. Your salad adds spark to paleo diet…keep sharing creative recipes for weight management. Wellbeingart"7 Tips to care, when taking up Paleo diet for weight loss."

  5. Yummy. My favorite salad has been the tomato, cucumber, avocado one that has been shared on Facebook. You don't have to add onions.. Usually I don't.. Just mix those ingredients with lemon juice, olive oil, then season with salt and pepper. Best lunch ever!

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