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  1. Ive tried several times to get the free ebook with no luck.  Doesn't show up in my inbox, spam, or any other folder.   Bummer.

  2. I've been trying to go vegan from being vegetarian but I tried vegan cheese from your recommendation and it was so awful :(. Are there brands that are better than others? The one I tried was cheddar flavour from daiya

  3. You had me at the everything bagel sandwich. : 0 ) What type of vegan cheese was that? I've been searching for one I like, but no luck. Cheese is my biggest challenge in trying to transition fully to veganism.

  4. Could you tell me where the recipes were? Looks like you chopped up so stuff and put it in a box… those were not complete lunches

  5. This is great for my kids too!! Thank you for sharing! Where did you get those lunch boxes at? Do you find that the dressings and dips leak at all? That's the problem I've been running into.

  6. wow thank you! i never would've thought of having a bagel or fruit / veggies for lunch..
    lmao thanks for the IDEAS, couldn't of THOUGHT OF THEM myself

  7. I heard that the oreo company said themselves that even though it doesn't say that there is any dairy products in oreos, that they're not suitable for vegans so just keep that in mind before purchasing them again

  8. Hi Liv! Thanks for the video, they always help me so much as you make things seem super easy to make. Love from Paris xx

  9. Lovely ideas as usual Liv, love those bento boxes! Your voice is so soothing too by the way! (In the least weirdest way possible :P) x

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