EASY MEAL PREP WITH ME! | Healthy Meal Prep for Summer

SUBSCRIBE for new videos every WEEK! http://bit.ly/1XKeAIi Today is episode 4 of my new MEAL PREP Series where I show you guys how to prep a weeks …

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21 thoughts on “EASY MEAL PREP WITH ME! | Healthy Meal Prep for Summer

  1. Some great ideas! I'm investing in a vitamix and dehydrator this week to make my own dehydrated fruits, activated nuts and vegan cheeses. Julie Piatt has a new book out called "This Cheese Is Nuts" – recipes for making your own vegan cheeses. Some are also nut free.
    Greetings from Melbourne, Aus ??

  2. Can you substitute any nut in the energy bites? Not a huge walnut fan, but everything else in it sounds amazing!

  3. the meal prep looks delicious. But I can't see that the smoothie would be enough for breakfast. Have you done a vegan one? If not could you do one?

  4. Yuummm all of this looks sooo good!! I have a weird nut/seed allergy, but not to all nuts/seeds. I've been seeing a lot of recipes with hemp in them lately. Is it common to be allergic to hemp?

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