Easy Keto Bagels | Jalapeño Cheddar & Everything Seasoning | Great for Meal Prep!

Approximate Macros per Bagel: 280 cal | 18.5g Fat | 9g Carbs | 3 Fiber | 18g Protein – – – – PRODUCTS IN TODAYS VIDEO – – – – 1- Lipstick: …

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32 thoughts on “Easy Keto Bagels | Jalapeño Cheddar & Everything Seasoning | Great for Meal Prep!

  1. I made these last night for the family and they all agreed it tastes sooo much better! I love your videos and I am glad my keto diet has these alternatives thanks to you! I also made the pumpkin cheesecake they are amazing

  2. Made these after you posted this, andthey turned out AMAZZZZZING! – I think I even commented on your instagram too… This is my favorite Keto Bagel recipe – super easy! – I used the same measurements of baking soda instead of Xanthan which worked great! And they hold up great in the refrigerator. Thank you for sharing! – Love all your videos! Great Work!

  3. Those look so amazing and easy. Making today and surprising my hubby when he comes home. His favorite bagels are those two styles and jalapeño cheese an absolute favorite. Thanks so much. Great video.

  4. Girlfriend girl, I love you and your videos but this background music?! What in the actual 90s commercial heck?! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. I took this recipe and made 12 mini bagels half cheddar jalapeño and half everything bagel and oh my lawdy they are delicious! The jalapeño cheddar is my winner. I ate it with some keto chili last night and it was amazing. Love your channel and how honest and real you are and I appreciate that. Thanks for all your awesome content!

  6. I thought on keto your supposed to shred your own cheese, as pre-shredded cheese has starch mixed in it (hidden carbs) I am definitely going to try to make these bagels- minus the xanthan. Thanks for posting.

  7. I tried to make them
    They look great but the inside is blotchy and just doesnt look right
    Maybe i just messed up the mixing

  8. Your bagels are beautiful! They look like the ones I see in the case at Einstein Bagels or Panera Bread😋 It is so difficult going to those places … I just don't go to Einstein's and it's just not easy at Panera (as I order my salad). Thank you for your recipes! You have such great ideas! I made the keto shepherd's pie the other day and it only lasted 2 days!👍
    Hope you are having a happy November! Miss seeing what you are up to each day. Loved seeing sweet Beaux in the background! He's such a darling cutie.😊💗💕

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