Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas | 3 YUMMY VEGAN RECIPES!

Here are my favourite quick and healthy breakfast ideas. These vegan recipes are perfect for a busy morning because they take only a few minutes to prepare.

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46 thoughts on “Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas | 3 YUMMY VEGAN RECIPES!

  1. I love this channel, it's plant based and vegan but it's not fully raw and talks about vitamins and supplements. I feel like this is a healthy, well rounded diet that is actually sustainable.

  2. why don't you make the chia breakfast up the night before add the milk and leave in the fridge overnight then add fresh fruit in the morning.. Love the quinoa idea. Smoothie is similar to what I make but I use coconut milk not oil in mine

  3. Just letting you know, I could only find one of the recipes on the website, though it is the one for the smoothie so I'm not complaining! =3

  4. I would really love to try the smoothy. but im on a student budget and im worried ill wake up my flat mates when i use the blender in the morning.

  5. Irrelativent comment of the day: YOUR VOICE IS SO CUTE I WISH MY VOICE SOUNDED LIKE YOURS!

    Also thanks fpr showing us this cool take on quinoa! Ive never tried a sweet version of it before!

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