Easy Dinner Casserole Recipes | Healthy Dinner Ideas

Today I’m sharing 2 family friendly casserole recipes perfect for cozy fall dinners this season. A huge thanks to Cracker Barrel for sponsoring this video and …

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22 thoughts on “Easy Dinner Casserole Recipes | Healthy Dinner Ideas

  1. These both look delicious. I however don't do well with spice…so I am gonna have to go with the pizza. Sorry Nikole!🥑🥑

  2. There's a typo in your thumbnail ("recipe" is spelled wrong). Sorry to point it out, but I'm a copywriter/editor and I notice typos in a heartbeat!

  3. As a mexican, I definitely vote for the pizza casserole! I don’t like flour tortillas in my enchiladas! 😂😂😂

  4. Elisabeth Schumann October 1, 2018 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    I just love the editing style of your videos so so much! And your personality is so inspiring & glowing. I've never commented on one of your videos but I'm watching your videos for a loong time now!! Loove them.

  5. I will be making both of these in the soon future. I am partial to Mexican food with Italian in my top 5fav. It was hard to pick a winner as they both look delicious. However with my love of Mexican food and loyalty to Nicole I chose the end enchiladas.

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