Easy Breakfasts That Are TASTY! | healthy, paleo recipes

Easy breakfast recipes to start your day off right! healthy paleo recipes that are quick to make. MORE HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS: …

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22 thoughts on “Easy Breakfasts That Are TASTY! | healthy, paleo recipes

  1. enjoy these easy breakfast recipes! I think my fav are the muffins 🙂 plus they freeze well too! What did you have for breakfast today?!

  2. Is there a substitute for the coconut flour for the muffins, does plain flour or plain wholemeal flour work well? Thanks, they look rlly good i wanna try it! Great video liv

  3. I just do the raspberry muffins 🥰🥰🥰👌 it's really good and fluffy I eat already 2 and feel good.. Btw I do it with blueberries its just like haven to me.. Thanks a lot 💋💋

  4. Good recipes ideas.. thank you
    I know it should to be prepared as it is… but is there a possibility to use regular milk and flour??

  5. Love it! The muffins look soooo good😱

    Always amazed by how you come up with all these brilliant ideas every time!😍
    Will definitely try them out☺️

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