EASY 5 Minute Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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25 thoughts on “EASY 5 Minute Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. I make breakfast muesli on Sunday and meal prep for the week by turning it into Bircher muesli 😋 Both your recipes!

  2. Love this video Nikole. Please make some more. I'm always in a rush, so these videos are so helpful and look so good. 💕💕💕

  3. I love the DIY cereal looks very healthy and yummy. Oh and i got the unactivated yeast after watching acouple of your previous videos and i loveee it . Can you maybe do a vegan receipe ?

  4. I make porridge in the microwave! I add sultanas, coconut, chia seeds, and golden syrup. Every morning for the last few years

  5. Hi Nikole! Thanks for these awesome recipes 🙂 I just wanted to hear your opinion on Chia seeds as i have heard that you shouldn't eat them "raw" as they expand in your stomach? Hahhaa sounds pretty silly but I got it from another nutrition youtuber! 🙂 Thanks

  6. Queenie Isn't Here March 27, 2018 at 12:31 pm - Reply

    Hi, there, i really enjoyed this. SUBBED! 🙂 i was wondering if you could do a video geared towards savory quick and healthy meals and a video of the same for sweet. Thanks!

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