Easy 5 Ingredient Meals (Vegan + Healthy)

Here are 6 different 5 ingredient vegan meals perfect for an easy dinner, meal prep, or people who don’t want to waste away in the kitchen 😉 You can get 25% off …

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26 thoughts on “Easy 5 Ingredient Meals (Vegan + Healthy)

  1. I‘m not vegan but I really enjoy eating vegan and I want to include tofu in my recipes but I feel like it’s not that easy if you don’t know how to make tofu the right way. So can you please make video about delicious and easy tofu recipes🙏🏽

  2. I LOVE to cook, but these recipes are great for the days I get home from school super tired, with no leftovers in the fridge, and want some easy to throw together 🙂

  3. CAITLIN. You studied physical therapy! I need help😢 I recently became obsessed with yoga! But started doing it too much (unintentionally) and overexerted my trapezius muscle! It’s swollen and it feels like I have muscle knots. I think it may be due to improper posture while doing chaturanga or downward dog. How can I recover my trapezius muscle/strain/? Should I avoid doing chaturangas and downward dogs? If so, how long would this recovery take (approx)? THANK YOU 😭😭❤️❤️🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️

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