DEVILED EGGS | how to make the best deviled eggs recipe (paleo, keto, whole30)

Deviled eggs are a classic recipe and perfect for the holidays, Easter or parties. Learn how to make deviled eggs (so easy!) and you’ll always have a healthy …

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27 thoughts on “DEVILED EGGS | how to make the best deviled eggs recipe (paleo, keto, whole30)

  1. Hi guys! I've been eating these deviled eggs all week as a snack and they're delicious! Not only are they great for holidays and parties, but they're perfect for healthy meal prep (and last up to three days in the fridge). Do you know why deviled eggs are called "deviled?" If not, I answer that on the full recipe post. 😉 xo – Lisa

  2. Yay!.. a new video – and a holiday related one! Are you planning to do more of these towards Christmas/ New Year? I also check your website for recipes.

  3. great job Lisa. Looks really delicious. I'll definitely try with my personal touch: smoked paprika and a little bit of humus

  4. Watching this and I was bummed out, just found out I have an egg allergy… going to cut them out for a while then reintroduce. This recipe will be the perfect reintroduction!

  5. What holidays are you referring to? I can't wait for more meal prep videos! Me and my friends, family members were truly inspired by that idea:) and hello from Poland:))

  6. Waoooo yummmy will definitely give it a try 👍👍👍.Also can u show /teach few recipes with mushrooms 🍄 .Thanks 🙏🏻

  7. Thank you for sharing your recipe! I always have eggs in most meals, plus this is something that I can try to make for small parties with friends.

  8. I had hard boiled eggs laying around and made your deviled eggs.
    They’re delicious!
    Thank you for sharing this recipe❤️

  9. Thanks for doing this video early so I have time to perfect my egg-celent skills! A healthy swap for cream of mushroom is next on my list👍

  10. Excellent! I have been making hard boiled eggs for the last few weeks using your method, and have been so impressed! My one year old son loves them and we must have them at all times! Thank you for all your great content!!

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