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26 thoughts on “Dalia Pulao Recipe – Whole Wheat Veg Cheat Meal – Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Diabetic Friendly

  1. Mam,
    Is it safe to have this dhalia pulav thrice a day for healthy weight loss
    my weight is 70kg and want to loose at least 5kg.
    please reply

  2. Good one, we cook it in the same way for our dinner sometimes, it tastes awesome and have a roasted papad along with it, thanks for sharing

  3. Excellent recipe!! u can try weight loss recipes using little millets like Samai, varagu, kuthiraivalli, thinai too. It is loaded with nutrients. (These are all Tamil names.). just a suggestion mam. Thanks.

  4. I am taking the fat loss turmeric drink in the morning and golden milk at night
    Please let me know if it is ok to follow this schedule.Thank you

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