Dal Soup For Weight Loss – Healthy Lentil Soup Recipe – Gluten Free & Vegan Dinner | Skinny Recipes

Healthy spinach dal soup for winters. Highly nutritious, delicious, low carb, vegan ,and easy to make protein rich soup recipe for dinner. Low on carbs and …

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24 thoughts on “Dal Soup For Weight Loss – Healthy Lentil Soup Recipe – Gluten Free & Vegan Dinner | Skinny Recipes

  1. Hey guys! sharing a tasty and nutrient dense dal soup for dinner, a perfect meal if you are looking for a low carb dinner recipe and it is filling too!!
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  2. Thank you for posting the ingredients! That is wonderful. To be able to read and see them makes being able to make your recipes so very much easier for me. Cape Cod Massachusetts USA

  3. Wow! So simple and yet so healthy! Seems lovely.
    Will definitely try it out!
    Hats off to your dedication to making all of us healthy! Really look forward for a new video from you! Much love!
    Could you pls make more soups and salads recepies.
    Thank you!

  4. Very nice all ur recipes r awesome n i m trying to follow it actually I hv started not perfect like u bt still once again very very thnx

  5. I used to view your recipes all are very healthy recipe,mam can you make a exclusive receipe video which suitable to fatty liver patient &i am having grade 2 fatty liver.

  6. Poornima N.Vaidhya February 11, 2019 at 3:19 am - Reply

    Hello ma'am… I recently subscribed to your channel and absolutely in love with all of ur videos… If it's not too much to ask, can u pls create a playlist of "What I eat in a day" videos… I felt there are so many videos on that caption and would be helpful for the subscribers to get them in one place… Thanks in advance. Pls do reply if you have any reason for not doing the same… Lots of love to ur channel ma'am 🙂

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