Today I’m showing you how to make the BEST EVER crunchy granola that just so happens to be vegan, gluten-free, and healthy! This recipe is super …

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35 thoughts on “CRUNCHY VEGAN GRANOLA RECIPE | Easy + Healthy

  1. I'm torn. I love you, your videos and all of the food you make looks absolutely beautiful, but there's soooo many carbs and sugar in everything.
    For me that like taking a trip through Diabetes City.

  2. Chelsea Shurmantine January 11, 2019 at 9:31 am - Reply

    Can I just say, I love it so much that you did all this in almost real time. This is so encouraging when you don't know how long something new will take

  3. Caitlin, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! I went from Vegetarian to Vegan last Jan and am loving it! Your recipes are by far the BEST I have found. Thanks to you, I think my nutrition has taken an even bigger leap forward. My husband and I have loved all the recipes of yours we have tried. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  4. I just wanted to shout out and let you know that all of your recipes always look SO awesome (and pretty simple!).  I eat almost completely plant-based and have an allergy to whey protein, so your channel makes it so easy to find safe recipes.  DEFINITELY want to try this granola soon!

  5. My favorite combination is (surprise surprise) chocolate and hazelnut …. or coconut and mango. Depending on the season xD

  6. Thank-you for recipes without oil. I’ve always wanted to make granola, and this has all my flavour favourites.💗

  7. Using maple syrup instead of refined sugar for me personally is the same as using unrefined oils for cooking(with the argument, that there are still some minerals left in those unrefined sugars) ; unrefined oils like rapeseed oil or extra vergin olive oil are plant based fats that actually have some good fatty acids and often vitamin e in them, so i'm not afraid to use them in small amounts in my dressings for salads or to cook veggie soups/stews with them(where i would normally not be able to put some nutbutter oder tahini on top) in order to enhance the absorption of fat soluble vitamens like A, E and K, which would be more important to me; i believe the key is variety and mixing things up

  8. I love your recipes, however not this blogging style. If you’re going to do it this way, you are going to need help with different angles etc.. this way of recording makes it hard to see what you’re doing. I liked your old way of vlogging.

  9. I started out as a junk food vegetarian who avoided meat at the dining hall. But my post grad life has such delicious interesting and healthy food thanks to you. You’ve taught me to cook diversely with a few staples and the occasional exotic ingredient. So thank you!!

  10. have you ever made granola without maple syrup? i'm cutting out all added sugar for the month and struggling to find sugar-free granola recipes that don't have eggs!

  11. Brandi's Beauty On Fleek January 11, 2019 at 9:31 am - Reply

    I have been making a cinnamon flax meal granola which also incorporates maple syrup, coconut flakes, chia seeds and vanilla and I usually use walnuts and almond slivers as well. It’s so good but it’s more on the low carb side that’s why their is flax meal instead of rolled oats. But I’m definitely loving your idea of the salt, tahini and additional toppers! Thanks for sharing.

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