CARNIVORE FOOD IDEAS | 4 Easy Carnivore Diet Recipes (ZERO CARB)

CARNIVORE FOOD IDEAS // Click to read more ↓ Food ideas and recipes to try on the carnivore diet! MENTIONED: ☆ Bone Broth Concentrate – Meadow …

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24 thoughts on “CARNIVORE FOOD IDEAS | 4 Easy Carnivore Diet Recipes (ZERO CARB)

  1. What is your take on zero sugar condiments like some hot sauces and mustard? is that allowed on carnivore or will throw you out of ketosis

  2. Yes, lack of variety. I’m getting tired of eating the same lamb and chicken etc. Bone broth, giving it a go, thanks! 🙂

  3. henrik schandorff October 28, 2018 at 7:52 am - Reply

    In my humple opinion, OX-Tail is the best peace on the hole Cow…
    Make it as a Bonebroth with or without veggies.
    You will be good it is.

  4. day 18!!!!!!! I've been eating all sorts of meat, including beef, chicken, pork, and plenty of seafood like fish and shrimp. Also only salt and pepper. And also some butter.

  5. Looks delicious! You didn't mention sea food btw! I alternate between sea food and cow/lamb meat (always with a side of organ meats), really enjoying the diet and not bored at all since there's sooo many types of sea food out there. They're great for the healthy Omega 3s too 🙂

  6. Sorry not food related but your eyebrows are amazing! Would love to know how you achieve your look? Tinting/henna? 🙂

  7. Your voice is so delightfully soothing. I have tried to watch this twice and fallen asleep both times. It's like being read a bedtime story. Will try again. OK, third time the charm. That goat looked delicious. People complain about the expense of carnivore but that is only if you are eating 2 lbs. of filet mignon every day.
    Tongue also works well in the slow cooker as does heart stew. The slow cooker is also good for rescuing any bit of leftover meat that got a little dried out in the fridge. You can toss several leftover bits that each aren't enough to be dinner together into one stew.

  8. I agree about prefering a lack of variety. I eat the same meal every single day and it's made my food prep so much easier. I'm also doing keto-carnivore but my only vegetables are broccoli and broccoli sprouts, and I eat a one-pound ribeye every morning. Oh, and avocado for the extra fat and a few hard boiled eggs to round out my calories for the day. I'm eating at a deficit of about 800 calories per day to get rid of this gut I've had since I was a kid. And lifting heavy every other day.

  9. Always wondered how to make bone broth, didn't think I'd learn how make sausage, and those homemade pork rinds look great!

  10. Max harvested a goat. Cool. I'm having deer soup tonight and I have a large deer bone in the freezer for bone broth. Great name change. Great video.

  11. I found a great meat in my travels to Argentina. They call it Molleja (Mo-ye-ha) here in the states it's known as "Sweet Breads" it is made low and slow on the BBQ (about 45 min cook time). crispy on the outside and extremely tender on the inside. Very high fat and cholesterol but buttery delicious. Very addictive , lol.

  12. Everything looks delicious…thanks…now I am hungry! I also use the crock pot for tougher cuts and for when I am not sure what to do with something

  13. I'm surprised that you don't take the fat off the beef marrows and just place the entire thing, tallow included, into the slow cooker! Also very exited for your new branding. 🙂

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