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  1. Dont forget to share with someone that BENEFIT from this! Thanks for all the support!!! 😀
    The full recipe list is in the description box if you wanna try this out 🙂

  2. I like your recipe ideas a lot , thanks for a video with some nice meal ideas. BUT I think that you should have left the prices in Euros. You do say that 'the prices may vary depending on where you live' …but it's obvious based on the brands you are using that the prices are calculated based on the extremely cheap cost of food in SPAIN. Even though the dollar and Euro are about 1/1 now, the cost of food in the United States is MUCH higher and it's a little misleading to put the prices in Dollars…

  3. Oprosti, ker motim, ampak nujno je. Imam prijatelja, ki mu je potreben prostor za bivanje in predlagal sem mu tvoj dom. Prosim te, da ga sprejmeš. Njegovo ime je Bog. Zdaj pa zašepetaj: Seveda lahko dragi Bog, jaz te rabim. Očisti moje srce in dušo grehov in blagoslovi mojo družino…. Pošlji to na 20 naslovov svojih prijateljev in jutri se ti bo zgodil čudež. Če verjameš v Boga, se spomni, če odkloniš, da je rekel: Če se mi odrečeš, se bom jaz odrekel tebi. Čez 4 minute boš izvedel nekaj lepega. Ni popravka. Če ignoriraš to sporočilo, se bo tvoja največja ljubezen zamrznila in čaka te 4000 dni nesreče. Če pošlješ to sporočilo 20 ljudem, ti bo nekdo v roku 4 dni izrekel resnično ljubezen!!! Če prekineš verigo, te čaka večna nesreča, zato pošlji to sporočilo vsem dobrim prijateljem in tudi meni.!.

  4. Excellent video! FML you can't even get just that much broccoli for 3$ here in India. Not to mention the prevalent stale and adulterated produce. Thank you for the video anyway, I never knew vegetarian food could yield you those macros.

  5. just keep makin' em! these videos have everything. prices, quantities, macros – very detailed explanation. i'm new to bulk vegan cooking so, but i'm beginning to think about scrapping the chicken. seriously…keep stacking up your "meal prep playlist" with these for us. subscribed – thank you!

  6. Stephanie Laberge June 12, 2017 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    I'm a little hesitant with the Chia seeds part of the cereal. if you don't soak the seeds 8 hours prior to consumption they're actually a dehydrator in your body. I would have poured the protein shake in that night and let it sit in the fridge for 8 hours.

  7. If you eat meat, just use chicken instead of tofu. Yes, tofu has a lot of protein, but chicken has even more. Chicken is one of the best foods out there.

  8. Great video!
    do you have any substitution recommendation for the tofu, I just can't stand the taste/texture of it as well as in my region tofu is very expensive and hard to get.

  9. Muhammad Sulthan June 12, 2017 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    my god it's awesome man…. really it's amazing food with needed calories….. btw u can't follow up it in the countries like India ……lol….coz broccoli is very rare and expensive and red capsicum is also….. anyhow it's good….hatsoff

  10. dammn i wass searching foods for weight loss but muacle gain and your video was the first thing that came up in my youtube good video

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