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22 thoughts on “A WEEK OF VEGAN DINNERS | Good Eatings

  1. I'm actually not vegan but i'm trying to eat more plant-based and just get healthier overall so these recipes are super inspiring!! i'm definitely gonna try them!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL video. Content, quality, asthethics…. Just BEAUTIFUL. That mosiac backslash… gorgeous! YUMMMMMMM!!!

  3. Małgorzata Bukowczyk February 3, 2019 at 4:59 am - Reply

    Okay, I have no idea how is it possible that I haven't seen your videos before! I LOVE your videos now! I'm so happy I found your channel <3

  4. All Vegan men should be aware that long term the Vegan diet leads to male castration. The diet in men causes an androgynous appearance leading to a more feminine demeanour as the Testosterone is lowered  ( due to low Fat / Cholesterol ). The male face and shoulders become less masculine over time. The face takes on a thinner weaker very pasty pale appearance although some can take on a more puffy inflamed appearance. The phytate content of Grains and wheat renders the mineral Zinc ineffective and not bio available in the body therefore ( this affects women too but to a lesser extent )Zinc is not available to help manufacture testosterone in males and as Zinc is so critical in the male reproductive organs it renders the male less masculine and more estrogen dominant over time. Zinc is so crucial to the male reproductive system, Testosterone and sexual interest that even if a man is low for a short time his libido will be greatly diminished and is why the Vegan diet is detrimental to men if continued long term. The Vegan diet is seen by the body as a starvation diet and therefore the body goes into survival mode, switching off all sexual energy and reproduction in order to save energy until such a time comes whereby sufficient saturated fat and protein is consumed, then the body will switch the endocrine / hormonal system back on. In relation to Vegan men  – it is regarded in the science arena that a man cannot ultimately be a real man without adequate levels of Zinc as it has such a strong relationship with the male reproductive organs and Testosterone which Vegan women should be concerned about. Go on YT and see the Vegan couples for your self. In this video you can see how Luca has been de – masculinised by the Vegan diet ( androgynous appearance )and he now looks at his partner with a submissive look almost like a sad puppy dog look. I may upload  video about this topic soon

  5. Not to take away from your video (great editing and content)…but that backslash over your stove is gawwwwwjous!😍

  6. Hey

    I liked your recipes. new sub. but you are making Dahl 😀 its not dahl its daal .its made everyday at our homes in India .
    you are using mustard seeds all wrong.
    you need to use oil hot add mustard seeds let them crackle add cumin seeds let them crackle then add all other ingredients
    (veggies) and then after that add masalas (spices) tumeric and red chilly tastes best. then add daal and let it cook 🙂

  7. Krista Noelle Barril February 3, 2019 at 4:59 am - Reply

    omg that pasta and sweet potato recipe looks so amazing! Hope you're staying warm! We had a lot of snow here in Alaska the other day too 🙁

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