7 Healthy Potato Recipes | Day 48 of 365 | Potato Only Diet

Instagram: Hungry4Starch Contact: jana.beamer@yahoo.com I’ve made 7, vegan, oil free, healthy potato recipes that will make you feel satisfied and full of energy! This video demonstrates how…

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27 thoughts on “7 Healthy Potato Recipes | Day 48 of 365 | Potato Only Diet

  1. VERY helpful, thank you! (But think about leaving the skin on, it's the most nutritious part.) This makes me wish I hadn't gotten rid of my waffle iron, and consider buying an air fryer, but I think I can cook those recipes in my toaster oven. I love Ore-Ida Tots. Have you come up with a spice combo that tastes like their unique flavor? Are you still doing the diet? How's it going?

  2. Did you just get the wedges wet and then coat with seasoning and then place in the air fryer or did you slightly boil them first? Thank you so much hoping to get started this week! Btw I am from SW Mo so I have an accent 😉 I would love to use this to loose 50+ lbs and reverse so health issues!! #1 thing to have energy back! God Bless 😉

  3. great stuff, I am looking for brown bag lunch ideas…..no access to microwave…Potato cakes, chips, waffles might do the trick

  4. Plant Based Large Family January 8, 2018 at 11:28 am - Reply

    tip on the mashed potatoes: high carb hannah has a video where she makes mashed potatoes — she leaves some of the water in when she drains them. it makes them sooooo creamy! when you mash (or mix) them 🙂

  5. I have came back to this video 4 times this week to follow the steps lol I am on my 54th day and your videos are so helpful thanks!

  6. These recipes look great! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait for the twice baked potatoes! 🥔💕 I always get so much motivation watching your videos.

  7. Jana…excellent video! I am curious about the spiralizer you use to make your curly fries. Is it the Oxo one or what brand do you use? Thanks so much!! You are doing just awesome!! Looking forward to more potato recipes!!!

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