5 NEW Healthy Meal Prep Ideas | New Year 2018

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43 thoughts on “5 NEW Healthy Meal Prep Ideas | New Year 2018

  1. These are awesome ideas and I love your bubbly presentation. The dill chickpea salad and tuna salad are by far enticing!!!!!

  2. This has nothing to do with this video, but related with cooking. Am I the only one who puts salt and pepper on my eggs? Which seasonings do you put on your eggs, maybe even no seasonings?

  3. Angelica Chakraborty January 4, 2018 at 9:54 am - Reply

    I love all your videos, particularly the smoothies and milkshakes. You make eating healthy fun, tasty, and easy. I am currently trying to find good winter smoothie recipes to help us through the season.

  4. I've been loving your meal prep videos from before, so I'm excited to see some new recipes! Love your channel!

  5. pro tip: add some chunky half smashed chickpeas instead of tuna in all ur fave tuna-salads for a nice veggie-version! curry, mediterranian, mayo/dill, avocado, pesto etc!

  6. You sound so damn fake! You’re like every other YouTuber on here that makes videos just to get paid! These recipes are so unhealthy! Do you even know what meat and dairy does to the body? Instead of worrying about making money you should study nutrition so you can bring healthy recipes to your many Subscribers.

  7. If you crush the chickpea salad a little bit with a fork, I think it would be great on a sandwich like a vegan tunasalad or something like that!

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