5 Low-Carb Meal Recipes To Start Off Your Year Right • Tasty

Start your year with these delicious and healthy low-carb meal recipes! Subscribe to Tasty: https://bzfd.it/2ri82Z1 About Tasty: The official YouTube channel of all …

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35 thoughts on “5 Low-Carb Meal Recipes To Start Off Your Year Right • Tasty

  1. Sweet potato’s are actually healthy for you a lot of models and fitness people include it in their diets… but ya wouldn’t eat any of this if your trying to be heathy just stick to lean protein, healthy fats, veggies, and some fruit also low carb can be an aspect of an healthy meal but doesn’t mean the meal is overall healthy.

  2. I really wish you would go back to the format of 1 video = 1 recipe. These “5 recipes” clips are annoying especially if one only like 1 out of 5 recipes and putting the recipe’s name at the end of the demonstration is also annoying (like buying a book but not being able to know the title of it until you’ve read it all)

  3. I mean, you were off to a good start… Sugar and root vegetable aren’t low carb and neither are breakfast burritos, the fuck?

  4. Zucchini ravioli is great. The rest aren't low carb. Sugar, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tortillas, and bean sprouts? Maybe that's why you are still fat. Calling it low carb isn't magically going to make it so, macros make it so.

  5. Who let "To start off your year right" through the editing phase without being changed to "To start your year off right"

  6. I know everyone says to go low carb, but really all you need to lose weight is cut out most sugar for a while.

    You see some of these recipes contain plenty of sugar, which while I love it and it makes so many things taste better, is the main reason for most peoples weight gain and heart problems.
    While cutting back carbs can help, I would really suggest just eating in moderation, working out, and cutting back a little more on sugar.

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