5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

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39 thoughts on “5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

  1. My dad got mad at me for using frozen fruits in the blender. I told him it's best to use frozen fruits. And he was like, "Oh where's your proof?" I showed him 00:1600:34 and he was all salty cause he was wrong lmao.

  2. i want to drink smoothies but I don't like how the Greek yogurt makes it taste. plus I'm diabetic and smoothies normally have to much sugar. do you have any suggestions?

  3. myplainwrapperbaby November 15, 2016 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    i hate to be debbie downer but your recipes are anything but "healthy". yes some decent protein from the greek yogurt but other than that there is zero fat and and probably at least 40 grams of simple sugar with very little fiber. i would change the title to desert smoothies. this is a recipe for diabetes.

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