5 Healthy Air Fryer Recipes | Weight Loss Tips

5 healthy air fryer recipes. Air fryers are great for weight loss and cleaning up your foods with less oil and grease! You can modify ingredients that fit your current …

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24 thoughts on “5 Healthy Air Fryer Recipes | Weight Loss Tips

  1. Can I use parchment paper in the air fryer to place my homemade crust? I would like to do my own crust with coliflower and parmesan cheese (cause the sodium contents are ⬆️ in the crust… and in the cheese to). By the way…those recipes…Love them!!!!!

  2. deanne goodfellow January 5, 2019 at 9:03 am - Reply

    The thing that I found exceptional with regard to metabolic food recipes compilation is that it allowed so that I really could easily plan my daily meals and even work the prep time period into my personal busy time frame. I can also arrange certain elements of the dinners early on to reduce the prep every time i was hard pressed for time. The downloadable copy on my smart phone made seeking out the active ingredients a breeze and also most of those ingredients are easy to get hold of also generally affordable. I hunted and couldn't find such an excellent set of quality recipes such as this somewhere else. Read about my journey on my website http://bit.ly/2BmHeNz

  3. Do You think eating lots of leafy greens as you lose the weight can prevent lose skin? Cause I've noticed the diffrance in my skin hydration when I eat lots of greens vs when I just drink lots of water, but I haven't tested it out long term, so what do you think? will you be willing to do a video experiment for like a month on this or something?

  4. DUDE!!! I have been eating really calmly and happily, keeping up with the green smoothies and just enjoying loads of fresh foods as usual, and all of a sudden IT’S WORKING!!! 3lbs down in 10days…..that’s 6lbs down altogether since June 6th!! 😄✌🏻🎉 I always say it but it’s about how I feel, not how I look, and I have had SO much more energy and way less pain this past fortnight…..I am not sure what’s causing all these lovely changes really, as I am not doing anything drastically different to the last six years (!!) but for some happy reason, the symptoms are finally decreasing and the weight is slowly decreasing too. Thank you SO MUCH for all the encouragement!! Lots of love ☺️😘💕 xx

  5. That burger looked yum! Thanks for the ideas i have an air fryer but have really only tried chicken or sweet potato in there so far 🙂

  6. These look great! I have an air fryer but I never think to cook stuff like that in it so I barely use mine. I’ll definitely have to try these out!!! 🤤

  7. Actually six recipes 🙂 I have an air fryer and really need to start using it!

    Sweet potato fries
    Chicken breast
    Juicy Lucy (this one looked soooo good)

  8. Wow I have to get a Airfryer!! Seems real easy to use.. Also new to Dietbet how does it work what do I have to do to get in?

  9. This is a very random question, but do you find this heats up your kitchen like an oven does? I love all the food you put in this video and usually make some variation by roasting it–but during the summer putting on the oven can be the last thing I want to do!

  10. Beautiful Marissa you are my inspiration. I went on vacation and binged hard core but I know that getting back on track is possible and to not sweat the set backs. Everything is a journey. Keep doing what you're doing and I will continue to support you. 😘

  11. Thank you for sharing! I am curently on vacation. Its a time i dont think about my diet. I will continue with my diet on 6th of august. I downloaded an app on my laptop to make a journal with recepis since it also makes me a grocery list. Even though i am eating pretty unhealthy, i feel a more positive relation towards food. I am not stuffing my face 24/7, while last year i would. I dont feel the need to do so asif its my only chance to have yummy bad food. I feel like i will make it to my goal of weighing 80 kg (around 176.37 lbs) by end of this year. Before my vacation is was around 88kg (194lbs). I will push through and make it this time 💪thank for the inspiration. You helped me push through my first kgs when things wete not going fast enough in 2017

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