5 EASY Bento Boxes for Back to School | Healthy Lunch Ideas

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50 thoughts on “5 EASY Bento Boxes for Back to School | Healthy Lunch Ideas

  1. Could you maybe do a video on how you got into Yoga/ Home yoga routines. I find that I cant seem to motivate myself to do yoga at home but the classes offered at my gym do not fit with my schedule. Would really like to incorporate morning yoga into my routine!

  2. Hi, Nikole! I LOOOVVEEEEE your videos so much! Every single video is so enjoyable to watch. I always binge watch them. I have a video request, can u make meal prep or recipes for diabetics? Thank u!!!

  3. I would combine Monday and Wednesday bento too less if I have only one bento combo, Is there any IBS friendly bento box recipes

  4. Great recipes Nikole. I often drive out of town for work and bring a bento for breakfast and a second one for lunch in a cooler with snacks, water, tea bags etc. Saves me from stopping and eating crappy food ☺️

  5. These all look great but it’s not very practical or budget friendly to use totally different ingredients for each meal. Very time consuming and again, pricey.

  6. Wednesday lunch is done, we're almost halfway there.
    Nope, give yourself more credit than that! You're past the halfway point. 3 of 5 are already done!

  7. I love your videos but these don't seem like things I'd realistically make every day for lunch. Some I could see prepping in bulk for the week but for the most part it seems like a lot of fuss for a busy workweek. Just my feedback, nothing negative 😊

  8. they all look very healthy and tasty BUT it looks like I would still be hungry after😂😂😂..and need a second lunch . Or maybe I just eat too much Lol

  9. Tip: When you cut seaweed sushi/kimbap(In Korea we call it like that), coat the knief with sesame seed oil. It makes easier to cut and adds the flavor! :^)

  10. These all look so delicious!! Whenever I make sushi it does last for a very long time; it gets dried out and weird. Any tips?? 🥑🥑

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