5 Easy & Affordable HEALTHY RECIPES!

Hey Guys! Today I am finally back with a new video all about FOOD yay!! I just show you 5 easy & cheap vegan recipes that are all super yummy! If you like this …

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38 thoughts on “5 Easy & Affordable HEALTHY RECIPES!

  1. Maybe your next video should be about super easy recipes that kids can try with no adult supervision and affordable ingredients.

  2. Dalilah Rodriguez April 3, 2017 at 11:28 pm - Reply

    um I'm new here not to be rude how old is she. she look like she's in her late 30's but acts like she's 21

  3. Caroline, I have the same blender as you! It's an amazing blender! Uhh seriously everything looks so delicious! loved this video, girl! <333

  4. That recipe doesn't have anything with chipotle! NOTHING AT ALL! haha it looks yumi but wtf! Chipotle it's a chile, not a type of recipe 🙁

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