5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes | EASY + HEALTHY

Here are 5 of my favourite healthy smoothie recipes! They’re all easy to make and taste absolutely incredible. I hope you can give them a try! FULL RECIPES: …

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35 thoughts on “5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes | EASY + HEALTHY

  1. Thank you so much for all those recipes I'm trying to eat healthy this year and I'm very sensitive to gluten and dairy so most of the recipes it's been helpful keep doing the great job thank you so much

  2. I just tried your Blueberry Muffin Smoothie: absolutely delicious! So glad to have discovered your website! As a recent vegan convert, and having just purchased all of the required "technology" (Vitamix, Omega Juicer, Pressure Cooker for cooking beans, etc.), I will definitely look forward to trying many of your other recipes! I am a cancer survivor and want to get and stay healthy by eating a plant-based died. Good recipes for preparing delicious vegan meals will be a great help! Many, many thanks for sharing.

  3. Could I use cocoa instead of vanilla for the strawberry milkshake one? Because I don't have any vanilla extract and that looks super good.

  4. i love all your smoothie but I don't like date and I don't like almond butter what can I replace it with  thank you god bless

  5. The chocolate smoothie is for breakfast tomorrow while editing video! ♡ Absolutely love avocados, especially in smoothies! Thumbs up! :)

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