4 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss, Easy Soup Recipes

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22 thoughts on “4 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss, Easy Soup Recipes

  1. Yummy!! I think the cabbage soup is my favorite. Also, I like that these are done in individual portion sizes. My family doesn’t really like soups as much as I do, so it nice to not have to make a big batch of soup for just me and then worry about how to store it or eat nothing but soup for days. 😂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. In confused , im trying to start a diet but than i dont know what to make in dinner and lunch.i have confusions

  3. What is low sodium vegetable broth or chicken broth .. how to prepare it??? Love the ideas but no clue sthit this broth thing

  4. The most thing I like about these videos is that they count calories
    Because when I'm in a diet I become lazy , so I start guessing the calories and not calculating it
    Thank you for your efforts 😘 👍🏼🙆🏻

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