3. VEGAN MEAL PREP | quick & easy recipes

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20 thoughts on “3. VEGAN MEAL PREP | quick & easy recipes

  1. The recipes look great, but you say they are for the entire week. It looks like you are actually doing about 3 days worth, and I would get tired of eating the same thing every day. I realize it's hard to do more recipes in such a short video.

  2. As always I love this meal prep series! I also like the idea of a meal prep class ?? the muffins are yummy, I added fresh pear slices as one of my toppings. The balsamic quinoa bowl is delicious I substituted the tempeh for chopped up potatoes, (sweet potatoes would be good too)trying to stay away from soy. And who doesn't love Dahl! The cauliflower rice was a nice change. Awesome recipes ?

  3. A meal prep class is what I've been looking for!! I've been trying to master it for a while and have been unsuccessful. The help that's out there always seems to follow recipes based on meat. I would love to learn plant based meal prep and also learn how you can substitute things out. For example with this video could I use tofu instead of tempeh? Also, strategies for how to store food, maybe cooking food in advance. I also get sick of eating the same thing so how to cook multiple dishes that can be easily changed would be neat to learn. Also, how you decide what recipes to cook/the planning process. I'll be happy to learn anything you have to share! Thanks! 🙂

  4. I don't understand your views on veganism. On YouTube you promote a vegan lifestyle and share videos of your vegan dishes, recipes, inspirations, etc. Yet, on your Facebook page you promote animal based recipes, videos, etc. Are you vegan or not? And if you are vegan, why are you promoting animal cruelty on your Facebook page? Regardless if your viewers on Facebook are mainly omnivores, you'd think that a vegan would inspire others with vegan recipes. Social media is a powerful tool to spread healthy messages, inspirations yet you can't seem to stay consistent with your platforms. Seems pretty contradicting…

  5. hey, are you sure about the ingredients for the flax egg? I just tried to make one for the first time and I felt like it wasn't enough water. Then I did some research and found a resource saying it's 1TS of flax and 3 TS of water, not the other way around. which is true?

  6. Oh I love love this idea! I would totally love to try baking the oatmeal cups for my friends as well as the roasted vegetable concoction, which would probably taste wonderful in an Asian marinade too!

  7. All of these meals look so delicious and the fact they seem so effortless makes them even more amazing! Great video girl! Thank you for making them so easy and simple to follow! I think a meal prep class would be awesome! I would love to see quick and healthy plant based meal prep recipes. ?

  8. Love your videos! Can you do a video on meals and snack ideas for college students living in dorms (with just a microwave and mini fridge)??

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