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  1. I’m having trouble making the avacado pasta, the spinach just doesn’t seem to cut up properly and sticks to the side and never goes smooth, it’s a nutri bullet as well, any tips?

  2. Made your burgers for my vegan-sceptic family this evening for dinner and it was super popular!! Love these recipe videos they’re v helpful for me as a new vegan xx

  3. i for one very much enjoy these cooking with grez vids. pls continue this trend tank u

    also v nervous about trying to go plant based starting monday!! i will certainly be trying out these recipes.

  4. I don’t intend to go vegan anytime soon (and I really don’t like a lot of vegetables so it’s not super easy to eat healthy and delicious for me) but I want to have less meat and fish – i love this series and you inspire me to eat more healthy – I might use normal Parmesan cheese instead of vegan one but it’ll sure help me eat less meat ☺️

  5. I bet sun dried tomatoes from lidl is nice with the avo pasta it has all garlic in it and its yummm it's in the fridge section

  6. I would love for you to do a Q&A on our experiences with becoming vegan so far. I’m really curious to know how you deal with social situations eg like going out for food with friends when they aren’t vegan? I know where I live not many restaurants offer many options if any for vegans, I know it would be hard to find good places to go with friends who are non vegans.

  7. I love pasta and avocado 😋 I do a sauce really similar to this one but I prefer using lim juice and I add chopped spring onions. So good!

  8. Highly recommend you try making bbq pulled mushroom burgers (can find recipes for them on Pinterest/google) they are SO DELICIOUS and obviously mushrooms are so much easier to get a hold of than jackfruit to replicate pulled pork! Xx

  9. You guys are so lucky in the UK, my jaw dropped at those prices! In NZ an Avocado is between $4-$5, same with something as simple as basil leaves!

  10. I lovvve the pasta but do you not feel completely bloated or gassy after so much beans, unions and garlic? Suppose I just have a sensitive tummy haha

  11. just letting you know, I'm italian and tagliatelle is pronounced  TALIE-TELLE we don't pronounce to g in Italy. No hate, just thought you should know 🙂

  12. why do you add salt when cooking pasta? I guarantee if you dont use the salt it will taste the same!

    I might just be being very dense but what I have learned (even from a-level biology) salt increases risk of hypertension, so why would you advise adding salt to almost everything? or is there something about a vegan diet where adding salt compensates for other things?

    I don't want this to sound rude but this is what I understand and I dont understand why you would advocate this!! – if you can explain (which scientific backing) why you are recommending adding unnecessary salt yo your recipes I would be happy to hear 🙂

  13. Betty Szwagierczak January 31, 2018 at 2:01 am - Reply

    Bean burgers been my fav thing for few months now – it's the easiest way to trick 2 year old to eat veggies. Plus, so cheap and easy to make! Oh and you're not going to find an old piece of bone in minced beans 😀

    If you feeling adventurous perhaps try making veggie sausages, pretty simple to make and you also use beans in recipe 🙂

  14. Please keep posting these kinds of videos I️ just switched to vegan a couple weeks ago and I️ love seeing health conscious recipe ideas!

  15. try adding Worcester sauce to the bean mix, it adds great depth of flavor! Caramelising the onions can also add another layer of great flavor and texture

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