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43 thoughts on “3 Healthy Grilled Fish Recipes

  1. I am an Asia and I didn't know how to cook these foods , now I got many different ways, I can change life style, many thanks

  2. Salmon and pretty much any type of salsa is a match made in heaven but the corn salsa looks especially delicious 😍 when I was younger we didnt eat much seafood but my mum used to make a garlic, melted butter, honey and chilli sauce to go with shrimp and it tasted so good.

  3. Just wondering, can those recipes be baked instead of grilled, and would it affect the taste by baking instead of grilling?

  4. eat less fish and meat that comes from intensive farming and look for sustainable seasonal options – farmed salmon has plenty of diseases that you don't want on your plates.

  5. The full recipes in the description box are the best, please don't ever stop doing that, and thank you! But, where's the jerk seasoning recipe you mentioned? I can't find it.

  6. Ohh dear mouth watering fish and its look so healthy..lots of love from Pakistan.i'll make this in Ramdan bcos its very healthy and love u lovely lady.

  7. Can you please do a chilled/cold soups for summer recipe video? Vegetarian options/recipes would be great !! your videos!

  8. I'm not a huge fish fan but I enjoy grilled salmon and shrimp , so this is perfect ! thanks for the gold standard classic !

  9. As much as I’d love to try the salmon dish (it sounds so delicious) I just can not stand the taste of salmon. So sad 😭😭

  10. I'm gonna have to try making ALL three of these this year…O.O

    (Also, I just realized who Sara reminds me of… Mary Margaret from Once Upon a Time… Must be the hair XD)

  11. Hello beautiful Sarah🌹😘 looks good👍I wanna taste your fish tonight & I hope it tastes juicy and yummy..😋

  12. Do you not turn the salmon over? Just grill on the one side? I also only have an indoor grill, will definitely be trying this!!

  13. After years of lurking (yes I'm feeling a bit ashamed) because I tend to binge watch your videos: this looks really really delicious, now I'm hungry and it's almost midnight. I absolutely adore grilled anything but especially fish, so that's what I'm going to shop for tomorrow 🙂
    Thank you so much for all the awesome recipes and inspiration and of course for the Friday Night Supper Club, because what's not to love about that 😉

  14. These look amazing. I have been looking for new healthy recipes however, I cannot add salt to food due to my dad's heart healthy diet. Do you have any recommendations for a replacement for the soy sauce? I have been struggling to find something else to use. I love all of your recipes they are a big hit in my house.

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