3 Easy & Cheap Canned Tuna Recipes That Aren't All Salads / 3 Maneras Usar Atún Enlatado

(traducción abajo) Let’s go beyond “grandma’s famous tuna salad” and discover new, delicious ways to use canned tuna. Here are 3 #failproof healthy recipes!

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46 thoughts on “3 Easy & Cheap Canned Tuna Recipes That Aren't All Salads / 3 Maneras Usar Atún Enlatado

  1. Michaeline Manqindi February 25, 2020 at 4:15 am - Reply

    Just tried the avocado one. Delicious and a godsend since my weight loss surgery with such a picky belly.

    Thank you

  2. I’m interested in all the things you have in the containers behind you on the counter. How about a kitchen tour 😁

  3. This dude must be a lawyer. I just watched him make 3 tuna salads, but they're not ALL tuna salad, because he cooked two of them.

  4. Your a lying kunt I hate your type, you start of in your video and in the title by saying tuna recipes that are not salads then teach us how to make a fucin salad

  5. I made the casserole and the patties and it was disgusting. sweet potato and tuna do not go together, the casserole and quinoa mixed together just tasted like canned tuna , it was not creamy or anything, watery . yuck

  6. This is amazing. I always get stuck making the same old boring tuna salad, and this gives me new ideas and inspiration on food especially tuna. I was wondering if there is somewhere I could get the exact measurements for each creation, as I would love to try these out. Thank you.

  7. I’m very shook rn because all of those look so good !!!! I would have never thought to combine any of those together but damn you made it look so good and easy 🙏🏻

  8. Pretty sure your title said "not a salad" and the second friggin recipe is called creamy avacodo tuna salad. Dude you should get flagged and disliked into Oblivion for this retarded move. I get you mean lettuce salad but being tuna salad is the more common form assume ppl think you mean that when you say no salads. Tbh I expected all hot dishes given that title. I mean do you even title bruh

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