3 Delicious Tofu Recipes | Dinner Made Easy

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49 thoughts on “3 Delicious Tofu Recipes | Dinner Made Easy

  1. I usually have tofu pan-fried on both sides and add bulgogi Sauce as a quick cheat ×D super tasty & You can add whatever you want~

  2. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a veggie lasagna with no noodles. I have a friend who has a has a gluten allergy and is also lactose intolerant. she has no problem using lactose free cheese but she really hates gluten free noodles. do you have any good recipes?

  3. omggggg Just made the pizza ?? best pizza ever. Tomorrow iam gonna try the lasagna. Thank you for your recipes. Love your video's. Greetings From Amsterdam

  4. I cut my tofu into cubes, marinate it in whatever flavor I like that day – and cornstarch- and bake it in the oven until it gets crispy/chewy. So good!!

  5. Subbed recently to see more vegetarian/vegan recipes and with these 3 awesome recipes you did not disappoint. Can't wait to try these out!

  6. Thank you so much for these creative, delicious tofu ideas. I would have never thought of tofu on pizza! I'm vegan but love to watch your videos and adapt as necessary, so this one was very much appreciated 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

  7. I had it before in a Thai veg dish and it was horrible.Tasted like eggy sponge. I heard it is an easy thing to get wrong when cooking.

  8. the tofu recipes are so good cannot wait to try them 🙂 ! Could you do a middle eastern inspired dish like shawarma?

  9. Do you think using sliced zucchini instead of lasagne noodles, and maybe adding a bit of ricotta for flavor, would work out alright?

  10. So every time I've tried making tofu I've always baked it, which gives it a really good texture and crispiness, but takes FOREVER!! I think I tried sauteing it once, but it was flavorless mush; however, I had no idea about the cornstarch trick. I'm definitely going to try that the next time I want to make vegetarian stir fry

  11. i looooove bbqpizza, that's the only pizza i make at home,lol! But my sister is vegetarian so i will definitly try out using tofu instead of chicken this time!

  12. thx for the yummy vegi receipies..i eat tofu almost everyday in same way..stir fry ?.i 'll definitely try other two..anyway can u make paneer receipies too..thx

  13. Good, fresh, usually home made tofu tastes really nice. Its flavour is very subtle (almost like "nothing", as you said). Supermarket processed tofu tastes like plastic. Sorry, but it's true…

  14. Love the recipe! I use a cashew cream with lots of nutritional yeast to make a cheezy sauce instead of the cheese. (Vegan) There are Vegan cheeses out there but they're super expensive. You should try the cashew cream, it can be used in sweet and savoury recipes and it's delicious!

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