3 Alkaline Diet Breakfast Recipes – Laura Wilson

http://www.alkaline-diet-health-tips.com Laura Wilson of Alkaline Diet Health Tips gives 3 alkaline breakfast recipe ideas to suit all tastes – cooked, raw, savoury, …

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21 thoughts on “3 Alkaline Diet Breakfast Recipes – Laura Wilson

  1. Yes, a banana smoothie will give you alkaline calories. But, any food that's cooked will give you acid calories. The only foods that give you alkaline calories are raw. See the book, Health Through Nutrition, by Dr. Joel Robbins. (Some of that is online.)

    Acid calories should be limited, since it's easy to get too much, and easy to make your body's cells too acid.

    Alkaline calories can be eaten in unlimited amounts. They are self-regulating. Your body will not let you eat so many alkaline calories that your pH becomes too alkaline.

  2. My favorite breakfast (or anytime quick meal) is a frozen banana smoothie, mixed in a Vita-mix blender. I use about 6 fresh almonds, 4 ounces of purified water, about 8 ounces of coconut milk from a tin (I like the "simple" style, which has no added thickeners), and 3-4 frozen bananas (peeled and quartered, a single layer that fills a quart freezer bag, frozen for at least 12 hours, or up to 5 days).

    It's a lot like a milkshake made with frozen ice cream, but this is much better. It makes about a 24 ounce glassful. Of course the thickness can be adjusted by the amount of liquid added.

    I suppose you could add some greens, but I'd rather put my greens in my daily juice (using an Omega NC800HD juicer), along with celery, a lemon, and beetroot, or carrots, or cucumber, plus ginger root and turmeric root.

  3. coconut milk and saturated fat. would be interesting to explore meta analysis of the effects of saturate fat on heart disease/cholesterol…real data verses sales data.

  4. At 1:16 Why would you use Agave Syrup (Acid forming) when you can Eat pure maple syrup (Extremely Alkaline) Maple Syrup is also a purer food and IMHO tastes Much sweeter… Just wondering…

  5. hi Laura, I have just researched more information about you. I think that you have a great approach to the alkaline way of life. You really have instantly inspired me and I have ordered your book, it can't come soon enough….
    So far I have lost 9 pounds in 9 days due to changing my way of life to the alkaline way!! I needed to loose it. I have also rediscovered my love for running, I did 2 marathons back in 1996 and 1997. Since the last marathon, I have not really been running. 
    I have been following a different book so far but it is complicated and I have had to literally rewrite the menu to suit myself using the internet and other web sites. I am hoping that your book fills in the gaps for me as it is quite touch to keep variety and exciting meals forthcoming.
    thank you.

  6. Queen Esther For Such A Time As This February 13, 2017 at 8:13 am - Reply

    Hi Laura! I enjoyed your video and your accent, ha ;-)!  I was wondering though if you could put these 3 recipes on a video on exactly how you are preparing each one them, it would be so helpful, please advise…

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