2 Quick & Healthy Lunch Recipes For Losing Belly Fat

Lose Stubborn Belly Fat: http://go.sixpackshortcuts.com/neverdc5f What’s going on, guys? Mark Mcilyar here today and we’re going to be “wrapping” today… And …

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36 thoughts on “2 Quick & Healthy Lunch Recipes For Losing Belly Fat

  1. nice dog Mark great video people eat terrible because they don't like shopping n cooking but this is a great way to show how to eat well i have a dog too n they r great for clean up haha thanks mark

  2. I realised i was suffering from sleep deprivation at 4:10 minutes
    I was asking Mojo where the squirrels were.
    Damn you Jack Daniel ☺

  3. Naweed Productions May 28, 2017 at 4:59 am - Reply

    tasty stuff right there! one thing I would say is to stay away from microwaves…instead of me telling you why I suggest you do some research on it!

  4. Please Do more videos like this! Its hard for me to find foods i can eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner especially Snacks while im cutting weight to look good for summer!

  5. It's still portion control and total calories that one should be away of and tracking. Guys can still get fat on this "meal". All that cheese for example. Lots of beans and cheese means lots of calories.

  6. Just go HighCarb. Im Endomorph and loose fat fastly. My Makros are about 600 Carbs 40 Protein and 10g Fat. Im also gaining faster muscles cause i can train better (more carbs) and im in a kcal plus.

  7. Thanks buddy i lost 3kg in one week this is the 2nd week for me so i was 125kg now i`m 117kg after in the 2nd week
    i want to rich to 110kg and gain Muscles, maybe you have suggestions aside from your videos that I practice every day for half an hour and 20 minutes weights

  8. Eduardo Salazahar May 28, 2017 at 4:59 am - Reply

    Tortillas, meat, cheese, "pico de gallo", jalapeños? It´s basically mexican food! Greetings from Mexico 🙂

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