10 Healthy Kitchen Staples for Easy Meals + Snacks

Today I am sharing 10 Clean & Delicious Healthy Kitchen Staples. These are foods that you will always find in my kitchen to help make easy, nutritious, quick …

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37 thoughts on “10 Healthy Kitchen Staples for Easy Meals + Snacks

  1. I couldn't agree more. We always have those ingredients at home. Cucumber, tomatoes and courgettes are a must as well. Incredibly versatile!

  2. wisdomandcommoncents January 25, 2019 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    Tip: that oil slick at the top of the nut butter jar? Just turn the jar upside down in the fridge (lid on tight) for 24 hours. Its thoroughly mixed!👍

  3. I go to a farmer's market here on the island and you should see his yolks. Now they are orange. My kids now do not want any other eggs so in off season we do not eat many eggs. His are 5$ a dozen.

  4. I am almost 10 for 10! … love that your 'staples' are all plant based / vegetarian. I also enjoy kettle chips tho 😉

  5. Why gluten free? Do you suffer from Celiac Disease? I like gluten, as it contains fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I would never give up gluten.

  6. I'm a college student cooking for one so inexpensive foods that I can cooking in a multiple of ways and don't have to cook in a big batch are my favorite foods. For me that means oats, long grain and arborio rice, flour and yeast (for pasta, pizza, baked things, or a roux), canned beans and tomatoes, milk, cheese, eggs, frozen chicken breast, frozen pea, baby carrots, broccoli, nuts, and bananas. As im typing this out it sounds like a lot. But most of it stays good for a while and I get variety from what is on sale or in season that week.

  7. Samantha Petersen January 25, 2019 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    Does she have a blog? I want to use these recipes but always forget! When I try to make my own things, they come out kind of weird. Lol I was thinking I could print out her recipes and make my own little book so it’d be easier to shop and actually execute these things!

  8. Thanks for the upload. Some of these food items I will have to wait for a sale for. On a fixed income I have to watch my budget. But thank you for giving me some ideas.👍

  9. I am new to your channel Dani, (first post to you was last week)! I LOVE your style I Love your ideas! I am trying to gobble up every video you have made. You really have great ideas. I need to loose about 75 lbs. and I am going to you for those "clean & delicious" recipes. Please keep them coming! I do eat pretty heathy MOST of the time, my problem is PORTION CONTROL!

  10. With so much knowledge of health food but then "pop it in the microwave " there goes all your healthy food down the drain.

  11. Hi I'm new to your channel and eating cleaner lately and feeling so much better. It's crazy how when I started eating just a little better I gained a lot of control and that obsession with food went away..mbut oddly the passion for cooking and ingredients is still there. I am finding that I get hungry without being famished…I get full without being miserable…and I can feel when I have had enough…better times in the bathroom too. Eating clean just takes the crazy out of the equation…much less to wrangle in terms of cravings and temptation so getting healthier seems much re possible. I think like you have said the trick is to gather your go to ingredients together, buy them in bulk and good quality, and learn what they can do. Your list is great and I use so many of these ingredients too.

    My go to fruit is halos or tangerines. I use it in savory cooking as much as eating them out of hand. I juice them into my skillet meal to deglaze the pan. I use them in guacamole instead of lemon or lime….please try this and let me know how much you love it! I also always have eggs, sunflower seeds, avocados, chickpeas, rotini pasta, sugar snap peas, and mini sweets peppers (they look like chiles but they are small bell peppers) and dark chocolate…chicken breasts and beef roast and ground turkey.

    I have a question maybe you can help. My big thing I stopped….the single absolute rule I have imposed on myself at least for now…was ditching the diet sodas. Now I'm caffeinating with iced tea through the day and coffee which is a new thing for me as it used to upset my stomach (at least I blamed it) . I love hazelnut coffee but everything's hazelnut flavored is mostly artificial whether it's laced in the coffee beans or in the non dairy creamer…they even have Equal and splenda pellets with hazelnut flavor. Can you suggest a way to get that flavor in a healthful way?

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