10 Food You Should Avoid On Paleo Diet

Paleo meal plan download http://www.dayholidays.com/paleo-grubs-book Here is 10 Food You Should Avoid On Paleo Diet: 1. Grains. Paleo diets cut out the …

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6 thoughts on “10 Food You Should Avoid On Paleo Diet

  1. Prevan Warrior Princess April 23, 2017 at 2:36 am - Reply

    I agree with the dairy one especially..the fact that we can't even digest dairy properly should be an indicator.

  2. Eating lugmes is paleo. Just cause it has anti-nutrient properties doesnt make it not paleo. Did cavemen not eat animals because they consumed legumes? Of course they didnt.

  3. Only fruits and veggies from farmers markets? I dont think so, grocery store are just fine. Wash them thoroughly before eating and you'll be fine. its all the same crap anyway. Just cause it was grown differently doesnt change its nutrient content. Thats a fact

  4. Tropical Africans were foraging for and freely enjoying tubers during the Paleo period. This is also true of some legumes. There is evidence to support the limited use of dairy as well.

  5. nothing wrong with potatos, they are fine so long as they are not combined with heavy meats and eaten with a lot of raw vegetables.

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